CasaPerks is simply rewarding

Pay rent. Earn valuable rewards.
Free concessions
Ancillary revenue
Increase NOI

Hyper-activate your residents

CasaPerks is an app that makes renting profitable. It revolutionizes community life: providing valuable incentives for residents, improving reputation and managing brand ambassadors.
Insights dashboard
Gain valuable insights on how your residents are engaging on the platform in the form of easy-to-use reports.
Reviews and feedback
Leave reviews and share feedback to create a better community for all users.
Brand ambassador
Choose social media stars, traffic drivers, or residents to connect with your audience and showcase your community's experience.
Local listings
Close the loop on your brand's acquisition and retention strategies.

Turn your monthly expenses into CasaCash!

Use our calculator to see how we can help you reach your financial goals and earn cash back, one transaction at a time.
Average monthly rent roll
Customer Service
Employee Relations
Social Media Campaigns
Leasing Incentives
Tour Incentives
Resident Events
*For estimation purposes only:
induvial results may vary
Calculate 1% Return
Calculate 1% Return
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Find out how to get 1% cash back
Total amount of expenses
$ 99,000
Total revenue share
$ 990
*For estimation purposes only:
induvial results may vary
Enroll Property
Enroll Property

CasaCash - 1% ancillary revenue platform

CasaCash is the industry’s first 1% cash back program that gives property managers ways to generate income whether you’re creating a resident event, giving leasing incentives, buying cleaning supplies or just rewarding good job performance by your staff
Make your regular transaction
Such as monthly rent and an average monthly rent roll, employee relations, leasing incentives, resident events, giveaways, concessions
Get the CasaCash bonuses
With CasaCash's dollar-for-dollar points system, you can significantly increase your extra income without any extra effort.
Let your cash work for you
Turn everyday activities into valuable points that can be redeemed for discounts, gift cards, premium amenities, and more.
Schedule demo
Schedule demo

Exploring operators' preferences

Beat community rewards with system fees
We take a step further with the 1% revenue share of all transactions
Pricing estimate for current client who used Comunity Rewards at 7 properties / 6,890 B’s (in system fees alone)
Community Rewards
Community Rewards E-Gift Card Processing Fee
Community Rewards Implementation Fee
/site one-time
Results when the client changed to CasaPerks
YTD Savings
NOI Increase

Get in

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Got a question?

What is CasaPerks?
CasaPerks is the premier resident rewards and activation platform in the multifamily industry. We help operators reduce costs, increase revenue, and boost operational NOI with our solution. While for residents, we have the best rewards offering in the industry. Our passion is to help communities create deeper and longer-lasting connections with their residents.
Do you mess with my bank accounts?
Absolutely not! Unlike our competitors that make you get credit cards with nearly 30% interest rates, or others that want you to change your bank accounts for their debit program, you just move in, download the app and start earning!
How do I earn?
Quite simple. Pay rent and get CasaPerks points! At CasaPerks, we have the most valuable offering in the market today. You can earn valuable points for paying rent, attending events, referring friends, or even just doing an on-line review. There are many ways that CasaPerks pays!
What makes you different?
CasaPerks is built by operators for operators, so we know what is like to be in your shoes! That is why we tailor-made this system to help with all of the day-to-day operational challenges that you face. We have the most tools by far in the industry to help you as operators achieve your business goals.
What is your adoption rate?
Great question, we have the highest adoption rate in the industry! Once CasaPerks is at the property, over 90+% of your residents use it, making it the most valuable amenity in terms of usage on-site. That’s what we call a hyper-active community.
Do you work with property management systems?
Yes, we do! We are directly integrated with systems such as Entrata, Real Page and Yardi! We make on-boarding and adding value to your residents a snap!
How do I start improving my NOI and resident satisfaction?
Reach out to us for a demo! We are very excited to partner with you. On-boarding is easy and fast, and you can start give your residents the best virtual amenity in the industry today!
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